Lavender Honey Butter

Butter and Biscuits

StreuselTo round out September with the final honey recipe, I wanted to share with you a simple infused honey butter.  Easy to make, this infused honey butter also makes a great gift or fancy accompaniment at your next breakfast or brunch table.

As Erica and I flew back home from TasteMaker 2018 (after just leaving Strudel to head back home to Seattle), Erica introduced me to different ways of infusing honey.  You can infuse with garlic, various herbs or in this case, flowers!  I came home from the conference that day and using my favorite local honey, I started infusing it with dried lavender.  I let it infuse for 2 weeks before using it for this honey butter.

I made fresh drop biscuits to go with this slightly floral, slightly sweet butter.

That’s right…

I made the biscuits to go with the butter!

Infused Honey Butter Swirls


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