Pumpkin Honey Crunch Muffins

pumpkin honey crunch muffins

Fall has fallen, a fact that I’m hesitant to admit, but a reality that cannot be escaped. Seattle is dark in the mornings, and soon I’ll be thinking of myself as a brave urban warrior for running in the pitch-black morning hours, until I’m reminded that it’s actually 7am and there are a bunch of other folks out running to because – for the love of all things holy – you have to get outside, even when the outdoors are clearly trying to encourage otherwise.


All that being said – there *are* things about fall I love – cozy weekends at home, listening to rain when I fall asleep, sweaters, and of course – we all know what’s coming next – pumpkins, squash, cinnamon-y things, and the opportunity to binge on Halloween candy.


Pumpkin Honey Crunch Muffins are my first big-toe dip in to fall flavors, and it was a good start indeed. The muffins are all you want them to be – a little sweet, a little fall-flavored spicy, light in texture with an almond crunch.



As Streusel noted in her last post, we spent a weekend at the Tastemaker’s Conference – we had a great time, and I have to acknowledge of one of the presenters, Brooke Lark. Her food photography workshop was excellent, and she was exceptionally¬†generous with advice. I came straight home and bought the camera she recommended, and feel so motivated and enthusiastic. So many thanks for such helpful guidance from an extremely talented photographer.


Now, let’s make some muffins!


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