Honey Cakes

Honey Cakes

StreuselStrudel and I are headed to the TasteMaker Conference in Salt Lake City in 2 short weeks!!  We are super excited to see each other and hang out with our great friend, Erica!  Since we’ll be enjoying all that Salt Lake City has to offer and in honor of the beautiful state of Utah, we thought we’d bring you honey recipes this month.  First up, Honey Cakes.  Stay tuned this month for posts about our adventures in SLC.


Why honey recipes?  In honor of the beehive state!

The Utah state seal has a beehive front and center and its presence in the seal comes from a long history dating back to 1848.  A beehive swarming with bees is even on the state flag.  I lived in Utah in my early childhood and can still remember seeing large beehive sculptures outside the State Capitol.

The reason for the beehive symbolism in Utah?  The early pioneers of Utah adopted the beehive as their symbol because the bee is industrious and “works hard and tirelessly, not for himself, but for the swarm…He works in complete cooperation, and without dissension, with his fellow bees!”

I like bees and even more so I like honey so join us this month in some tasty ways to use honey.  The honey cakes get all their sweetness from the honey although there is a little streusel in their for crunch.

Local honeyAdapted from King Arthur Flour’s Honey Cake recipe, I turned their cake into mini cakes in a muffin pan with some streusel topping.

Admittedly, these honey cakes don’t look that pretty but OH MY are they tasty!  Buttery and tender and full of honey flavor.  The addition of the streusel topping is a must in my opinion.  It adds to the great texture of this cake!

I used a friend’s local honey that I bid on at a 4-H silent auction and won, it comes from Lyons, Colorado.


Ooey Gooey Honey Cakes

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Streusel and Honey

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