Li’l Apple Pies


li'l apple pies a plenty

StreuselAs the nights get cooler I crave baked apple in some form.  I wanted an apple pie but not a huge apple pie, so I created these li’l apple pies that I could hold and devour over a cup of coffee!

Yes, there are purists out there that only make apple pies, no less li’l apple pies, with granny smith apples.  In all my years of baking, I think I’ve made all of ONE apple pie with granny smith apples.  I just don’t like the tartness.  I like the apple flavor without the tart so I typically choose a gala.  Also, I like to keep the skins on my apples when baking and galas make a great choice for this because their skins are relatively thin.  There was one lonely jazz apple in my pantry so I threw it in there as well.

Li'l apple pies creation!

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Li'l apple pies, So good!

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