Peach Nut Crisp

Peach Nut Crisp

StreuselAugust is one of my favorite months.  Not because it’s typically one of our warmest months here in Colorado or because all the county fairs are in full swing or because kids go back to school.

It’s because this is the time of year when Palisade Peaches start to pop up everywhere around here.  On street corners, in grocery stores, as fundraisers, in specialty desserts in restaurants, even in Noosa Yogurt (peach is available only in Colorado).

Trivia tidbit – Colorado is 6th in the nation in peach production! Wanna know one of our other top commodities here?  Wheat!  There’s no wheat in this recipe though.  It’s grain-free.

I have made many a recipe with Palisade Peaches including cake bites, a galette, flax muffins, and even topping grilled bacon pizza with them!

To kick off this month’s theme of baking with fruit I made a super simple, super flavorful, super fast Peach Nut Crisp.  It’s a lovely combination of the basics.

Peaches.  Butter.  Nuts.  Sugar.  Cinnamon.

Peaches for Free  

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