Crunchy Peanut Butter Ice Cream

Crunchy Peanut Butter Ice Cream

StreuselI know I already posted ice cream last week but once I start making it, it sure is hard to stop, right?  My daughter has been begging me all summer to make her crunchy peanut butter ice cream.  Not sure what I was waiting for except putting off having a yummy temptation in the freezer.

Luckily with this one I’ll let her eat it all (well, maybe not all).  Quite frankly summer feels almost over, kids are back in school in one month!!!  So no more procrastinating for this gem of an ice cream.

This recipe is adapted from Epicurious and is so easy and so tasty, it can be completed in 2 hours.  Make it in the morning, take it to the BBQ down the street in the afternoon.  Accordingly to my daughter, the crunchy peanut butter is key!  No creamy PB here.  I would agree that the crunchy bits of peanuts make this ice cream.  It really needs no toppings but I decided to top my portion (yes, she shared with me) with semi-sweet chocolate chips!

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