Strawberry Frozen Soufflé


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StreuselAaaaah!  How is it July?!

Not sure about where you live but June went out scorching hot here in Denver, we reached 105 degrees before the month was over!

What better reason to enter July with frozen dessert month.

Cool treats for hot days is what we all need.  I think even for Strudel’s town, July is their hottest (and driest) month!

I had to put a picture of my daughter Addison eating this dessert because she is the pickiest eater EVER and she loved this one.  She rarely eats anything I make for the blog.  I quite frequently take everything to work because she just won’t eat it but not this dessert.

There were plenty of yumms with this one…

First up, an easy take on a dessert I have had at many picnics called Strawberry Pretzel Salad or Strawberry Pretzel Dessert.  This version has less ingredients and is more creamy so I called it a Strawberry Frozen Soufflé.  The crust is salty and sweet.  The dessert is rich and decadent for so few ingredients.


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