Chai Spiced Caramel Corn

chai spiced caramel corn

Of the foods I find most eatable – anything I categorize as a “can’t stop, won’t stop” food – popcorn is HIGH on the list. Brandon and I still joke about one of our first dates, where we went to the movies and got some popcorn. It was a size small, but a giant bag. We bought the popcorn, and I stopped at the restroom on our way back to the theater. When I came out, the bag was about 1/4 emptier than when I’d walked away. Horrified at the amount of popcorn that was missing, I said “What happened?!” Brandon explained that the bag was so full it was spilling on the ground, so he’d thrown away some of the popcorn.


Now, for those of you who wonder why I didn’t end the burgeoning relationship in that moment, please know I did consider it as an option. Just because there’s lots of popcorn doesn’t mean I won’t eat it – it will just take me a bit longer.




I’m using this opportunity that candy month has provided us to spend some time with popcorn. Obviously there’s lots of delicious ways to eat popcorn, so I decided to try out something new. Stirring this chai spice mix into a quick caramel sauce created a crisp, sweet, spicy, salty treat that is a great snack for movie night or anytime you’re looking for a tasty treat. Also bonus: the recipe makes a big batch for those of us that like to snack with abandon.



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