StreuselWho can resist a sweet ball of dark chocolate candy covered in sprinkles or nuts?  Not me.  This month we are bringing you candy!  We’ve made candy before, this is nothing new.  We even like to give it as gifts but never have we devoted a whole month to it!

I couldn’t resist this recipe from Epicurious for Brigadeiros!  It’s super simple.  I changed it a little by adding Hershey’s Special Dark Cocoa, more salt and more vanilla.

This candy is a brazilian favorite created after WWII by Brigadeiro Eduardo Gomes’ campaign to help raise funds for his unfortunately unsuccessful presidential campaign.  Milk was in short supply so condensed milk was used instead.


These brigadeiros taste like a softer version of the tootsie roll and with a nice crunchy outside (my favorite was the swedish pearl sugar) they are quite addictive!  I also rolled them in ground almonds, gold sugar and granulated sugar.

brigadeiros and toppings

brigadeiros and variety   chocolate gooey candy

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