Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

brown butter chocolate chip cookies

I have been loving our theme this month! Spending time baking my favorite cookie recipes – and checking out what creative baking Streusel has been up to, cookie-wise – has been great fun. For this week’s post, I baked off a batch of these crispy, chewy, nutty and caramel-y and – let’s be real – gorgeous batch of chocolate chip cookies. America’s Test Kitchen developed the recipe, which invariably means that they are (of course) fussier than this recipe, but are (I promise!) absolutely worth the effort.


I know everyone¬†has been carrying on for a while about browned butter, but I so love regular butter that it never made me feel like I was missing out. Turns out I was wrong – WRONG! – and now I plan to spend all of my free time browning butter. Just the smell is amazing… and that it provides an amazing depth of flavor – sort of like caramel, but infused throughout the cookies – is like an extra bonus.


In sort, these cookies are terribly delicious, and absolutely worth the extra few minutes of effort.


I only made some very slight alterations to the recipe – I use regular brown sugar, since that’s what I have, and sprinkle a bit of kosher salt to the top each cookie before it bakes (that should not be optional!)


[tasty-recipe id=”8816″]



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