Chocolate Chip Cookies 2.0

Chocolate Chip Cookie 2.0

StreuselThis month we are bringing you upgraded, fabulous, chocolate chip cookies.  These are cookies that will make your friends go “Wow”!  Make them feel special!  Make them feel like you put forth a little extra effort just to show them the love.

Strudel loves her cookies so I can’t take credit for this month’s theme.  However, when she asked can we do fun Chocolate Chip Cookie recipes, I immediately said,”Yes, please!”

I found my inspiration for my Cookies 2.0 at Epicurious when they suggested ways to upgrade the Chocolate Chip Cookie.

First suggestion – brown your butter!  Done!

Seventh suggestion – dip your cookies in chocolate!  How about a drizzle instead.


Upgraded Chocolate Chip Cookies

[tasty-recipe id=”8810″]

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