Chocolate Walnut Cookies for Passover

chocolate walnut cookies

StreuselLike last year, Addison and I had the honor of joining Strudel and her family for a wonderful Seder meal last night.  I was charged with bringing dessert and thanks to Smitten Kitchen and the Joy of Kosher my task was easily completed.  Even easier was this one bowl recipe for Chocolate Walnut Cookies from Smitten Kitchen that just happen to go along with our theme this month of one bowl desserts!


Strudel’s brother also made a beautiful semifreddo so as in year’s past you can be sure no one left the seder table hungry (that actually could have occurred long before dessert, her brother is an amazing cook)!  These chocolate walnut cookies were described around the seder table as chewy, brownie-like, and super chocolatey!

Addison even found the hidden Afikoman and earned a reward!

seder fun

With this beautiful dessert table, we ended the night with great conversation and lots of laughs!  Strudel and I don’t get to see each other much so visiting at Passover is a special gift!  Fortunately we get to see each other again soon in September along with our friend Erica at Tastemaker Conference 2018.

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