Espresso Coffee Cake

Espresso Coffee Cake

Since coffee cake is simply a socially acceptable way to eat dessert in the morning, I think that sneaking in a bit of espresso is an excellent way to make the early a.m. even jazzier. As Streusel and I are spending March indulging in our favorite form of caffeine, I figured that putting the coffee directly in (and on) the coffee cake was a reasonable plan.


For me, mornings are all about expediency, so I figured the best way to bake off an indulgent breakfast treat was to utilize this Sour Cream Coffee Cake recipe (since it’s cornerstone ingredient is an admittedly questionable-yet-delicious box cake mix). As it turned out, the recipe adapted like a charm!


I’m very happy to report that this Espresso Coffee Cake is sweet and moist, with a punch of coffee flavor and a bite of chocolate-covered espresso beans. It’s perfect for brunch, to take to work and show off to your colleagues, or (best idea ever): make on a Sunday and have it through out the week as a morning snacking cake.





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