Brown Sugar Cinnamon Pie

brown sugar pie

StreuselHmmm, what to make for caffeine awareness month?

I don’t often add coffee to recipes but I am always thinking about what I can eat while drinking coffee. “This would go great with coffee!” is something I say all the time.

My caffeine awareness?  What to pair with coffee!

This is the perfect (and easy) accompaniment to that morning Cup of Joe.  Speaking of Joe, why is coffee called this?  Check out the answer!

I chose this pie because it is my grandmother’s creation and I have not had it in over 30 years.  It popped into my head this week that this pie would taste fabulous with coffee and it did!!  I didn’t have her recipe but one really isn’t needed, I remembered its simplicity.

My grandmother, growing up during the depression, was a master of turning inexpensive ingredients into simple masterpieces.  Writing this post I discovered that I have posted about her several times and that she had a greater influence on me than I realized.  I have shared her cherry pudding and honored her with a cake.  I’m happy to share yet another one of her specialties with you!  Enjoy it with your next cup of coffee.  Serve room temperature or even better, cold.

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