Chocolate Cherry Espresso Cookies

chocolate cherry espresso cookies


 This month’s theme – foods we bake for the people we love – was originally inspired by Valentine’s Day. Though as the end of the month rolls around, I’m finding a different meaning and am feeling feeling particularly mushy (as in sentimental, not as in unpleasantly squishy). As Streusel mentioned, she’s been doing a lot of adulting lately – and as her pal, I wish I could be there to distract her with some clothes shopping, coffee drinking, or spend time harassing her about why she’s given up red wine.


Since I can’t be there right now, what I can instead do is send a small token of friendship and support, in the shape and form of a cookie (our pal Erica call these “love gifts.”) As Streusel mentioned, she’s got a thing for chocolate (she’s also got a thing for yak, and there was the time she enjoyed herself some rattlesnake sausage, but I’m less helpful with the exotic meats). She also, bless her, has a deep appreciation of coffee. AND apparently likes a bit of fruit in her chocolate (I know we’ve discussed my hesitancy regarding fruit + chocolate, but this is about Streusel and not me… mostly 😉).


So, speeding their way to Streusel via USPS, is a package of these chocolatey, rich, pillowy cookies. The cherries add chewiness, the chocolate-covered espresso beans add a bit of crunch, and the punchy espresso flavor will hopefully remind Streusel that she’s got some fans in Seattle that are thinking of her.


A note that these cookies don’t actually have to be Cherry Espresso, they can also be Double Chocolate Almond Espresso Cookies (or really, any other mix-in that fancies you). You see, I wanted to include Addison (Streusel’s spirited, super fun kiddo) in these cookies and figured the chocolate-covered espresso beans may not be her thing. So, I made a batch with chopped almonds and chocolate chunks. Then, I realized that I’d forgotten that the batter has espresso powder in it. Sooo… unless Addison is really in to coffee at an early age, I owe her some cookies. I got you, kiddo.


chocolate cherry espresso cookies

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