Simple Soba Soup

Fresh Soba Noodles

StreuselA storm has moved into town and what could be more comforting on a cold day than homemade soup.  I was watching Will & Grace reruns (Season 6 Episode 12) where Grace obsesses over soba noodles and I decided I wanted to make my own soba noodles and a simple soba soup.  Start to finish I had these noodles and the soup made in an hour.

I took this recipe from Saveur but cheated a bit in that I used a stand mixer to knead the dough and a pasta roller to roll and cut the noodles.  Made of mostly buckwheat flour and a little all-purpose flour this dough was SO easy to work with.  I only used about a third of these noodles in the soup so the rest I dried out on the countertop for about 8 hours before storing in a plastic bag and freezing.


When looking at the history of the soba noodle, which originated in Japan in the 1600s, I discovered that soba noodles were a solution to thiamine deficiencies in Tokyo due to excessive white rice consumption.

Fresh Soba Noodles

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