Flaming Punch

flaming punch

Bringing in the New Year deserves a special celebration, so why not set some booze on fire to welcome in 2018? We just did it to celebrate the holidays, and I can confirm that Flaming Punch is an excellent way to get excited for what’s to come!


Realistically, I’d probably like this drink solely because it’s something you get to light up, but it’s also really tasty. It’s warm and toasty (a result of the hot booze, of course, and also the rum and the cognac) with some lemon for tartness, demerara sugar for sweetness, and black tea to stand the whole thing up.


A few other reasons to enjoy this drink:

  1. The lemon makes your hands (and the drink) smell delicious
  2. A hot drink is perfect during this chilly season
  3. It’s super easy to make AND is super fancy to serve
  4. Done correctly, it’s a perfectly safe way to get to set things ablaze (note: we did have a fire extinguisher close at hand, because Safety First!)
  5. The recipe apparently originated from Charles Dickens?!



Brandon was actually the mastermind behind this cocktail (he’s the drink maker in our relationship). He found it here, their directions are perfect, except (and this is a big exception): we (very, very oddly) had a tough time getting the thing to light up. We ended up using some Everclear (Brandon’s dad just happened to have some on hand), lit that, and pour it in to the pot.


Here’s the step-by-step, instructions are below:


Rub the lemon in to the sugar, it releases the oils and smells wooonderful!


Pour in your multiple forms of booze


Light it up!


Let it go for about 3 minutes


Lid on, fire safely out, then add tea and lemon




Here’s the full recipe:


[tasty-recipe id=”8776″]

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