Easy Treats Trio

StreuselEven though gift giving for this holiday season is coming to a close there is still plenty of partying to be done between now and New Year’s Day.  Since we are all pressed for time I thought I would share some quick and easy treats I whipped up for guests recently.


Each of these recipes I borrowed from other blogs so in the interest of having more time to party I am not going to retype them but provide the links.  Each treat has a story though so I will share that instead!



#1 Buckeye Balls
Easy treat Buckeye Balls

These treats hold a fond place in my heart because as a kid, my grandma (who lived in the buckeye state) sent them to us every Christmas.  A simple mixture of peanut butter, powdered sugar, butter and vanilla; rolled up and dipped in chocolate to look like a buckeye nut.  It was a real treat to see grandma’s box arrive in the mail, knowing these were waiting for us inside!!


#2 Poor Man’s Toffee

easy treat matzah toffee

I’ve always known this toffee to be called Poor Man’s Toffee but when I didn’t have any saltines and only had boxes and boxes of matzah in my pantry (my daughter loves the stuff ever since joining Strudel for passover, got in on sale!) I used it instead and found a recipe that used it as well.  It’s a rich treat that went well with the shrimp cocktail and guacamole I served Friday night for a little happy hour party.


#3 Cranberry White Chocolate Bark

Easy Treat Cranberry White Chocolate Bark

This is a treat my dad introduced me to several years back and when he first told me it was just raw cranberries and white chocolate, I said “No, thanks”!  Then I tried a piece and then another and then another.  Great combination of sweet and sour.  Most recipes you’ll find are with dried cranberries but the crunch of the fresh cranberry is what makes this treat perfect.  Plus it’s a festive color!



May the rest of your holiday celebrations be filled with good food, great friends and much relaxation!



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