2017 Holiday Gift Ideas

2017 holiday gift ideas list

It’s winter holiday time which means that (as the good bloggers we are), we start compiling the 2017 Holiday Gift Ideas list!


I made this list for two reasons:


  1. I love a good recommendation from a real person. I find general customer product reviews as generally unhelpful; for every “this hot pad changed my life” there is another comment that says, “this hot pad caused my divorce!”
  2. The holidays are closing in, and as much as I believe in making your own gift (and there’s still plenty of time to do that before Kwanzaa), I also believe in buying gifts too. For some of us, time is very short (Chanukah is almost over!) and rush delivery is still a reasonable option (Christmas is a week away!).


So, let’s get to it!



2017 Holiday Gift Ideas List


Strudel’s Favorites for 2017:


  1. Large Cast Iron Pan – Since I spend at least 15% of my free time roasting vegetables, this large capacity pan has been a game changer. The size allows me to make large portions, a necessity for folks who gobble veggies at a speedy rate.
  2. Chain Mail Scrubber – If you’re going to commit to cooking in cast iron, you also need a way to clean the pan. I was just gifted a chain mail scrubber.  It’s a quick, easy, and soap-free way to get your pan clean while preserving that hard-earned seasoning.
  3. Silicon Oven Mits – If it seems like all of my cooking is centered around ensuring I can roast veggies easily, please know that is correct. Silicone oven mitts hold up significantly better than cloth when hoisting around heavy cast iron.
  4. Y Peeler – My favorite peeler, it works beautifully and is a bargain. I personally own a different brand, but it works perfectly after years of use.
  5. Instant Read Thermometer – I love, love, love my instant read thermometer. I use it for bake goods, candy, fish, etc. It’s so much easier than my old, clunky, slow thermometer.
  6. Food Mill – Generally, I try to avoid adding many kitchen tools that will take up my dwindling cabinet space. But, this food mill has been worth it, as it’s lead to creamy mashed potatoes, and significantly, as simple way to remove seeds from tomatoes (when making tomato sauce) and berries (for jam making).
  7. Basic T-Shirt – I spend my winter in these shirts (I get mine a Costco) so I often find myself cooking and baking in this base layer. It’s soft and comfy, also inexpensive (so no freaking out if you splash a bit of tomato sauce on it).
  8. Tongs – I know we’ve talked about these tongs in the past, but they are worth another mention. They are my most-used kitchen tool, versatile and perfect. If you don’t own them, you should be sure to purchase them immediately.
  9. A Fantastic Podcast – My pal Erica turned me on to this podcast. It’s a riveting look inside of San Quentin State Prison. Hosted by an inmate and an artist, each episode was fascinating. I can’t recommend it highly enough.


(an important acknowledgment: all of these items – with the exception of #3, #6 and #9 – were gifts from my dad. Thanks Dad!)



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