Cookie Kit for Christmas

Cookie Kit

StreuselI love eating cookies.  I love baking cookies.  Most of all I love giving cookies!  Whenever I need a gift for someone, I go to Food52.  This is how I discovered the CookieBox™.  What better gift this holiday than making your own cookie kit in a CookieBox™?!

I discovered this box a few months ago when I needed just the right gift for Strudel’s birthday.  She had just finished telling me that before we went to the International Food Blogger Conference in Sacramento, she had made a batch of cookies for her partner to enjoy while she was away for the weekend.  As I browsed Food52 I found CookieBox™ and as a result I knew she needed one for her cookie storage.

You might ask, a box just for cookies?  I ask, why not?!  This isn’t just any old box, it’s a handcrafted pine box made in the US.  Not only is there the CookieBox™, there’s the PieBox™ and CakeBox™ too.  The leather straps come from right here in Denver!  Even better, last month, I entered a giveaway contest on Instagram @piebox and won!  Now Strudel has a CookieBox™ and a PieBox™ for all her baking adventures!

So the holidays are here and as I pondered what to give to friends this year, I thought why not give them each a CookieBox™ with a handmade cookie making kit inside?!  Ghirardelli chocolate chips were on sale at my grocery store (yes, I bought 8 bags) so I really had to make these kits! I used the recipe from the back of the semi-sweet chip bag to create these kits.

Cookie Kit Assembly


[tasty-recipe id=”8772″]


Cookie Kit Instructions



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