Homemade Peppermint Marshmallows (and hot chocolate mix, too!)

peppermint marshmallow

With the passing of Thanksgiving, I view this time as when we ease up (though not give up!) on squash so that we can focus more on the peppermint and chocolate. As it’s also gift-giving time (and since I’ll use any excuse to try out a new recipe) I’ve just made these fantastic, refreshingly minty peppermint marshmallows as a holiday gift. Marshmallows alone don’t do anyone much good, so I also whipped up some homemade hot chocolate mix and ka-pow! We’ve got ourselves a thoughtful, easy, and tasty holiday gift.


Please note: making your own marshmallows is pretty fun, even if a little sticky. They taste better than the store-bought variety, plus gives you the added advantage making something that looks fancy without spending the billions of dollars that store-bought artisanal marshmallows usually cost. Adding in flavors – such a peppermint – is a great way to personalize the treats for the season.


Also, I don’t mean to gloss over the hot chocolate mix: it’s a brilliant combination of unsweetened chocolate bar with cocoa powder and sugar (and a few other easy ingredients). It’s a snap to make, and is a wonderful, decadent, chocolaty treat that’s perfect for the season.








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