Green Chili Bowl with Thanksgiving Leftovers

Green Chili Bowl

StreuselI grew up hating gravy.   When I met green chili, it was life changing.  Seriously.  Let me explain.  As I went to others houses for thanksgiving in college and later adulthood I realized I had a somewhat unique gravy experience growing up compared to my peers.

My mom, being from the south, always made giblet gravy.  It was my job in helping with holiday mealtime prep to pick the meat from the turkey neck.  As a kid, gravy was quite possibly the grossest thing I had ever eaten (next to liver that my mom tried to pass off as swiss steak)!

Fast forward to adulthood where living in Colorado, my discovery of an amazing alternative to gravy to slather all over my mashed potatoes and everything else as well, Green Chili.

Green Chili, a staple of southwest cuisine, is in my book, one of the best things ever!  It’s up there with cozy sweaters and hot steaming cups of coffee!  Living in Colorado, you know Fall has arrived when sellers of  green chiles set up camp in parking lots with their bushels of fresh chiles and large roasters.  Although most know of Hatch Chiles from New Mexico or Anaheim Chiles from California, others might not know that right here in Colorado we have what is arguably a better chile, the Pueblo!  There is a variety of the Pueblo called the Mosco that is my favorite.

Traditionally green chili is made with pork but twenty years ago I had a close friend whose grandmother always made her green chili with chicken.  Ever since eating her delicious chili,  I have made my chili with turkey or chicken.  As you all know I LOVE pork (who doesn’t love bacon fries) but I like what poultry does for this spicy soup!

Several years ago my thanksgiving table changed from just offering green chili as a gravy on the side to the main act.  The plates were replaced with bowls and the mashed potatoes, stuffing and turkey were really just a green chili delivery mechanism!  So whether you’re smothering the chili over leftovers or making it your main course, adding green chili to your holiday table might be a big hit with guests, give it a try!


Here’s how I created my Green Chili Bowl on Thanksgiving…

  1. Giant spoonful of Mashed Potatoes
  2. Giant spoonful of Stuffing
  3. Handful of chopped turkey or chicken
  4. Huge ladle of Green Chili



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