Squash and Black Bean Enchiladas with Tomatillo Salsa

Happy fall, y’all! We’re plunging in to the season with a month of all things squash-ish. As you could tell from the many many many posts, we had an excellent time at IFBC. But, now we’re back home – away from the sponsored lunches and plethora of snack foods – and ready for some healthy eating.


For this month, we’re focusing on squash – I expect it to be a savory month of autumnal treats. My very favorite thing about this blog is sharing it with my pal Streusel, in part because I love being surprised by what she makes each month – especially when she gets creative with¬†bacon¬†(just because I don’t eat the stuff doesn’t mean I don’t like to be a voyuer…). This month is no exception – we both love squash and I’m excited to find new ways to incorporate it in to my dinners.




I made the enchiladas with tortillas I picked up at IFBC. The beans and squash make the enchiladas a hearty vegetarian main, and it gives me an excuse to cook with tomatillos, which I love and can never quite figure out how to make more often.


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