Healthy Lunches (something I cannot currently comment on)

 Unfortunately for all those around me, I am in the midst of suffering mightily – I’m doing an excellent job of fully investing, emotionally, in my current state of self-pity and lethargy. Also, I don’t have a new recipe for the blog this week.


My reasons – for both the self-pity AND the lack of a new recipe – are fairly stupid, but you know – so it goes sometimes. While Streus and I usually trade off posting on the blog, this month she took the first two weeks, at my last-minute request. I was very happily in Hawaii for a week at the beginning of this month, so blogging would have cramped my vacationing style. The photo above was taken during a lovely hike near Waikoloa.


Upon returning home, Brandon and I jumped back into work (appropriate) and then about a week after getting back – end of this past week – we both got sick (inappropriate and rude). Along with the nasty cold I’m suffering under, I also managed to – no other way to describe this – burn the shit out of the roof of my mouth. Pre-illness, I went to happy hour with some colleagues and despite the warning, “watch out, the artichoke dip is hot, we just took it out of the oven” I immediately shoved it into my mouth (I was hungry!). As the (mediocre) appetizer savagely seared my tender palate, I decided I didn’t know the people I was with quite well enough to frantically spit the dip out, so I stupidly left the food in my mouth. I literally could feel the blisters forming on the roof of my mouth. So, in the present moment, I’m sick, plus putting almost any food in my mouth is pretty painful. Cooking is about the last thing I’m in the mood for. Also important to say – manners are stupid and that’s the last time I make that mistake.


Saying that, I do need food for lunch week, so I’ve just made a batch of Broccoli Quinoa Casserole, since it’s both soft, to accommodate my pathetic mouth, and healthy – which I need in this season of sweets. I’m also going to roast a bunch of veggies, which will be soft, and eat only once they are entirely cool.


Until next week, my friends, we salute you with shave ice!



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