An Apple Retrospective



Strudel I’m slightly resentful that we’re already in Apple Month here at S&S – not because of the fruit itself, of course – but because, as Streusel pointed out, apples are a sign of fall. We never got much of a summer here in Seattle, so it feels counter-intuitive to be celebrating fall already. With the exception of one really warm week, I felt like I spent most of this summer waiting for summer to actually start. My Early Girl tomatoes are finally coming ripe – in September. I’ve been cheated!


Nonetheless, it’s time to deal with reality – fall is coming. And it’s been a very busy start, so rather than have a new apple recipe for you this week, I’m going to do a bit of a retrospective. I’ve been traveling quite a bit, mostly for work, spending a week in DC (where I got to spend sometime with this lovely and her awesome Sous Chef) and then some playtime in NYC. During my travels I managed to come down with an ugly cold, so returning home and to the kitchen wasn’t something I wasn’t interested in (with the exception of one batch of matzo ball soup, a recipe I make when I’m feeling my most pathetic).


Happily, we’ve got some fantastic apple recipes on this blog to help me get excited for fall – some of my own and some of Streusel’s that I’ve been meaning to make forever. Apparently all it takes me to enthusiastically about a new season is a bit of butter, some phyllo dough, and cinnamon.




1. Apple Cinnamon Popovers



Streusel made these a few years back, and they are the perfect combination of simple to make and look amazing. Adding to the “must bake” list for this year!




2. Arlene’s Apple Tart

apple tart cover photo

I made this for the first time recently, and it’s a perfect dessert to take to dinner parties and other places you want to impress people. Or, you know, if you want a tasty dessert just to please yourself.



3. Apple Phyllo Pie


I’m instantly invested in anything with phyllo – and in fact, I also have some extra phyllo hanging out in my freezer AND about a million apples falling from my apple tree.



4. Apple Rhubarb Jam

no butter here!


And speaking of having a million apples – this is the *perfect* time to jam and can some of those apples!



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