Homemade Butter


StreuselI was having coffee with my friend Cristy yesterday and trying to figure out what to make next for the blog.  When I was lamenting about what homemade item I could make next, she immediately asked if I had ever made butter before.

How have I never made butter before?

Now that I have made it, it is so easy and SOOOOOO good!  I keep trying to find things I can slather it on just to eat more of it!  What’s even better, when you make butter you are also making buttermilk.  Biscuits and Butter anyone?

I first tried to make the butter in my blender – let’s just say using a 15-year-old blender to make butter could cause the motor to burn out and smoke up  your kitchen!  Luckily all was not lost and I transferred the now whipped cream into my kitchen aid stand mixer and finished the process.  Please note you can make butter in your blender and it will work out perfectly as long as you have a good, high-powered blender!


Homemade Butter

makes about 1 1/2 c. each of butter and buttermilk

Butter Prep

1 quart heavy whipping cream

1 t. Himalayan sea salt


Pour the cream into the bowl of stand mixer with the paddle attached and beat for about 10 minutes or until buttermilk starts flying across your kitchen because the butter has formed.   You can drape a large tea towel over your stand mixer to prevent some of the flying liquid from getting everywhere!

Pour the buttermilk into another container and then place the butter in a tea towel or cheese cloth and squeeze out the liquid.  Place the drained butter into a bowl and add the salt.  Knead the salt in by hand and refrigerate.  The butter will last for several weeks in the refrigerator.  If you don’t add salt the butter will last for about a week.

(I first blended my cream for about 5 minutes until it was whipped cream and the blender started smoking and then moved it into the stand mixer and it took about another 5 minutes to get to the butter stage.)


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