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StreuselIf you have a kitchen lover in your circle of friends and family, and need a gift for them this holiday season, any of these would be well appreciated!  I had a hard time choosing only nine of my favorite kitchen tools to talk about.  Since Strudel started off this month’s season of sharing with a nice introduction to 9 of her favorite kitchen tools I figured I would follow suit!



  1. Quarter cup cookie scoop – I don’t know how I made muffins and cupcakes before this scoop.  It delivers the perfect portion of batter every time and minimizes the messy clean-up of using a spoon!
  2. Yonanas – Admittedly, maybe not EVERYONE would be as excited to get this as a gift but I absolutely love this thing.  When I am attempting to be good, I use this to create a creamy concoction with bananas and add some bitter sweet chocolate chips.  Super Yummy!  Even though I got mine for Christmas last year, I saw them at Costco the other day, they are still around!
  3. Kuhn Rikon Kochblume – I just recently received this wonderful gadget!  You’ll never have a pot boil over again with this silicon lid.
  4. Oxo Egg Beater – I acquired this while with Strudel at our first Food Blogger conference and because of it I have gotten rid of my hand mixer completely.  It’s easy to store, easy to clean and fun to use!
  5. Wusthof Knife Sharpener – I don’t know what I did before this knife sharpener.  I’ve had it for several years now and I use it all the time.  There is nothing worse than a dull knife in the kitchen and this sharpener makes your kitchen a happy place!
  6. Zyliss Mandolin – A mandolin is a must in the kitchen, just be careful.  This thing can take a knuckle off with ease.  Every time I think I can cut a few more pieces of a carrot, I am reminded I cannot without taking  off a piece of finger.
  7. Escali Primo Kitchen scale – Being able to weigh out flour and other ingredients will take your baking to a whole new level.  Recipes are more consistent when ingredients are weighed instead of measured by volume.
  8. Pyrex 2 cup measuring cup – Honestly I wish I had two or three of this same size pyrex cup in my kitchen.  This is my best friend when making pretty much anything.
  9. Imperia Pasta Roller – I acquired this from a friend quite a few years ago who never used it and after letting me borrow it decided I could just keep it.  I was thrilled.  Not only does it make amazingly fresh and tasty pasta, it will help you make baklava!  Stay tuned for another recipe using the Pasta Roller!
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