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Strudel A defining feature of Streusel’s personality is her commitment to pretty much everything. When she makes a plan, she follows through — be responsible for her own yard? Yup, she’ll mow the hell out of the world’s largest lawn (seriously, she had this massive backyard at her old house). Use all the apricots from her enormous tree? Absolutely – let’s create some delicious recipes. Encourage and support her daughter to become a black belt at 8 years old (and go through much of the training herself)? Of course. And, create and maintain a blog with her sometimes flaky, though well-intended, friend? Well, why not?!


The five years of Strudel & Streusel is solely because of Tiff; the blog was her idea, and during the times my dedication waned, hers remained steadfast, and with a good attitude to boot. When I’ve gone lazy, she’s held up both our ends of the blog and done so with an cheerful and supportive attitude. I’m so grateful to have such a great friend, and that she’s an amazing baker is an extra gift.


My original plan for this post was to do what Tiff did in her last post – find an old recipe of her and remake it into my own. But enter a problem: our garbage disposal broke this week, and the sink is now backed up. We are the proud owners of a new, 3/4 horsepower disposal (an aside: want to feel like an adult? Shop for a garbage disposal) that Brandon is in process of installing. But like all home projects, issues have come up and it’s not as easy as it’s supposed to be – so this is all to say that I can’t really use my kitchen right now.


But – in prepping for this project, I’ve had the opportunity to stroll down Blog Memory Lane and pick out a few of Struesel’s projects. Following are some of my favorites.



  1. Vanilla Bean Scones

Petite Vanilla Bean Scones


This is my next dessert project. I love scones, they’re mini so I can eat many, AND I just loaded up on Rodelle vanilla beans at Costco.


2. Nutty Grain Salad


Nutty Grain Salad


I will make this immediately after I’m done gorging myself on the vanilla bean scones. Healthy and tasty, it looks like a great lunch to make on Sundays and pack for the week ahead. And I love Trader Joe’s too!


3. Petite Goat Cheese Quiche


Petite Quiche


Not sure how I haven’t made this already – it looks amazing and exactly like the kind of dinner Brandon and I both love! I might add in some kale and make 1 large quiche rather than 4 small ones. Part of what makes me excited about this recipe – it’s really adaptable.


4. French Country Braid


french country braid


The first line of the post is great, “It takes three days to make but it is worth the wait.” Who makes bread that takes 3 days to bake? Not me – unless it’s really clearly laid out, and truly easy to make. And it seems that Streusel didn’t lie – while it looks like the bread needs a bit of attention on day 2, days 1 and 3 only require about 5 minutes of actual hands-on time.


5. Strawberry Hand Pies


strawberry hand pies


This is the one I’m most excited to bake – they look amazing, don’t they?! And we have some frozen blackberries in our freezer leftover from the summertime, so it’ll be a great way to introduce a little summertime food love into the chilly winter.





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