The International Food Bloggers Conference – Part I

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Strudel IFBC is coming! Last year’s food blog conference was a great time, so I’m back for a second year. The best part of the conference was, of course, getting to attend with my co-blogger Streusel and good buddy Erica. Sadly, Streusel couldn’t make it this year – between selling her house, buying a new home, and dealing with the sale of her beloved ducks – she had a few too many things going on to attend. So Erica and I will have to hold down the fort – a challenge we gladly accept!



While we won’t have a ton of free time, if we pace ourselves there may be time to sneak in a few snacks outside of the conference. I’ve been compiling a list of a few neighborhood favorites.



Lighthouse Roasters is just a few blocks from my house, and the best coffee I’ve had in Seattle. It was part of our morning routine on the way to the conference last year, and I’m confident we’ll make stops there again this year. The coffee is dark and rich and (unless you ask for it otherwise) they use whole milk, so it’s extra creamy.


Lighthouse Iced Coffee




Also just blocks away is my very favorite breakfast spot, Vif. The food is local and amazing quality – breakfasts are fresh, flavorful, and uncomplicated. Vif also does lunches, early evening snacks and wine, though I haven’t (yet) made it to any of those meals.






On our walk around my neighborhood, we’ll probably pass this sight…


faces in the shrubbery



Another breakfast spot I really like is Eltana. They make fire roasted bagels (not NYC bagels, but delicious in their own right) and serve shakshuka, a stew of tomatoes, peppers, feta cheese and poached eggs. It’s a healthy breakfast that’s still hearty and filling.






And though we likely won’t have time (or the belly space), I have a new favorite sandwich – the Cauliflower sandwich from a local restaurant called Porkchop & Co. I’ve had my recent forays in to sandwich making and came up with some tasty options, but this sandwich is one of the best I’ve ever eaten. I’d advise anyone finding themselves in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle to make their way to Porkchop & Co. and – vegetarian or not – to eat this sandwich.


Porkchop and Co



And one thing I can *guarantee* we’ll do (weather permitting), is spend a little time out here. Our deck wasn’t yet finished when Erica and Tiff visited last year, but it’s done now, and this summer we added in some plater boxes, along with re-painting the house. We’re loving our backyard space and I can’t wait to show it off!





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