The Last Egg

Breakfast Sandwich

StreuselI am sad because I am posting a breakfast sandwich with the last duck egg produced by my ducks.  Correction – they were really my daughter’s ducks but since I bought all the food and straw for them and took care of them probably 60% of the time, I classify them as mine!

Sadly, we had to get rid of them.  We have decided to down size our space and move from a 12,000 square foot lot (so much mowing and weeding) into a townhome.  Townhome = no ducks!

The 2 year duck adventure has come to an end.  Six ducks, $600 and about 100 dozen eggs later, I learned a lot!  I will miss the ducks with their quirky personalities and fresh eggs every morning.  I won’t miss shoveling snow out of their pen at 5am so they can come out and eat.  Nor will I miss breaking ice so they can swim.

You may remember how excited I was when I first posted about duck eggs (in a sandwich no less), one taste and I was hooked.  So hooked in fact that two months later I bought the first two ducks.  When the first egg arrived I made a cookie.  Ducks eggs make high altitude baking easy and they make all baked goods taste better.  How can they not with extra fat and extra protein compared to their chicken friends?

I think my favorite duck egg recipe was the Tourteau!  My favorite duck post was when we got our babies.

This breakfast sandwich is simple…

Carrot Sourdough Pancakes+ Fried Duck Egg + Powdered Sugar = Tasty!

I think this sandwich would have been even better with bacon and cheese.  I had neither so my heart is probably thanking me.

Let’s talk about the pancakes I chose to frame my last duck egg in this “sandwich”.  I have a sourdough starter that I created about 2 1/2 years ago that is still going strong.  I store it in the refrigerator and feed it about once a month.  It was due to be fed and normally I throw 1/4 cup out when feeding it.  This time I used the 1/4 cup in these pancakes.  These pancakes are hearty and a little more dense than your standard pancake.  Perfect for making into a sandwich.


Carrot Sourdough Pancakes

makes about 10 (4 inch wide) pancakes

adapted from Sourdough Pancakes in the Joy of Cooking


1 1/2 c. warm 2% milk

1/4 c. sourdough starter

3 T. melted butter

2 c. white whole wheat flour

3 T. coconut sugar (you can use any sugar, I just like this stuff)

2 extra large chicken eggs (boo hoo)

1 t. salt

The Starter The Last Egg!

Combine the starter, warm milk, butter, flour and sugar and let sit covered for about an hour.  It will be bubbly.  Then add the eggs and salt and mix thoroughly.  Heat up a skillet to medium heat and cook up the pancakes with a little butter.  I made them into about 4 inches wide. While cooking the pancakes, in a separate pan fry up the egg.  Hands down this is the BEST way to eat a duck egg if you like eggs over easy.  The yolk of the duck egg is thick and really dark yellow.  I miss it already!

Assemble the sandwich and enjoy.

The Last Egg




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