Smoked Salmon, Brie and Brioche Sandwich

Brioche Sandwich

StreuselOh yeah, and avocado too!

All.  Good.  Things.

This is a simple but tasty sandwich.

Brioche Fixins

I got the Brioche from Sprouts.  I’ve made Brioche before and it’s a bit of work.  This Brioche tasted just as good as fresh out of the oven and took me all of 5 minutes to buy at the store.

I used Honey Smoked Salmon, I am going to go broke on this stuff.  I eat it all the time.  I use it whenever I can in whatever I can!

The Brie was a creamy triple creme also from Sprouts.

Lastly I used half of a nice, ripe, Haas Avocado.

Step by Step

I loaded it up and broiled it open face on a high broil for 3 minutes just until the Brie was melty, then spread on the mashed avocado – Deeeeeelish!

Check out the Rear

I wouldn’t usually say, “Hey – look at the back end of my sandwich BUT look at that cheese oozing out and those chunks of avocado.  It’s making my mouth water and I just ate a whole sandwich.


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