Cherry Ginger Beer

Cherry Ginger Beer

StreuselI have found a new temptation… Ginger Beer.

I thought this might go nicely with my expensive addiction each summer… Rainier Cherries!

I squeal with delight when I start to see these cherries in the grocery store.  Other cherries pale in comparison and I will gladly pay good money for them.

I heard a radio commercial for Crabbie’s Alcoholic Ginger Beer and then I walked into the grocery store and bought a giant bag of rainier cherries and thought Ginger Beer could be made better with these cherries.

Forgive me for its simplicity but it’s too delightful not to share.


Cherries + Ginger Beer + Ice = Cherry Ginger Beer

Step One – remove the seeds and stems from 4 Rainier Cherries

The Ingredients

Step Two – add the cherries to a glass and muddle the heck out of them

Muddle Away!

Step Three – add ice and ginger beer (I like the alcoholic kind but this drink would be great with non alcoholic ginger beer too)


Step Four – drink the Sweet and Spicy Cocktail!

Look at those ice cold cherries floating in there!



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