Sweet and Savory Puff Pastry Bites

P1015610StreuselStrudel and I decided we wanted to give something a whirl… have a monthly theme! You may have noticed a theme last month.  I’m excited because Strudel had the brilliant idea of making March Happy Hour Month!  As Spring approaches, I dream of a bar with a roof top deck where appetizers, drinks and good friends mix!  I think it’s time we do a little endurance training with this first post of the month.

Back in 2013 I took a French Pastry Course and over several weeks learned how to make many wonderful treats including the Classic French Apple Tart and Palmiers which use homemade puff pastry.  Homemade puff pastry is so easy (albeit a little time-consuming) and tastes so much better than store-bought that I don’t think I will ever buy it again.


Salmon and Date Puff Pastry Bites

makes 36 bites

(serve with a crisp cold Grüner Veltliner perhaps?)


1/2 batch of this puff pastry (about 1 lb.)

6 oz. Honey Smoked Salmon

1/2 c. chopped dates, I used a bag of pre-chopped slightly sweetened dates

1 T. granulated sugar for topping the bites

1 egg (beaten with 1 T. water) for brushing the tops of the bites

Roll it out!

Roll out the puff pastry into a thin square or rectangle.  Cut into strips and then squares ultimately creating about 36, 3 inch squares.  I had a few oddly shaped stragglers left over and just topped them with egg wash and then cheese, oregano and salt.

Making the bites!

Fill each square with a small piece of salmon and one or two pieces of dates.  Fold over and pinch with a fork.  One tray at a time, brush with egg wash and lightly top with sugar.

Bake 12 to 14 minutes at 400 degrees fahrenheit in the upper portion of the oven.  With my oven I found if I put the tray too close to the heat source, the bottoms cooked too quickly without giving the tops the nice golden brown.

Cool slightly before serving although they tasted great at room temperature as well.  They can be stored for several days in the refrigerator, reheat in the oven briefly just to get them back to room temperature and to maintain their crispness.



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