IvyWild School

IvyWild School

StreuselWhat happens when a school built in 1916 closes due to declining enrollment 9 decades after it opened near downtown Colorado Springs, Colorado?  A brewer, restaurant owner and architect turn the school into a hip culinary and cultural arts center this summer.

My dad called me about a month ago and said, “You have to come down here and blog about this new place!”  As the floors creaked when we entered IvyWild, my dad reminisced of his school days when the creaking of floors meant the principal was coming!

You can be sure the principal is still around at The IvyWild School by way of the coffee and cocktail bar cleverly named The Principal’s Office.  What better way to welcome in a center, that hails The Old School Bakery, The Meat Locker Delicatessen, The Teacher’s Lounge, Bristol Brewery and quite possibly my favorite The Hunt or Gather food marketplace, than to have a ribbon cutting ceremony with a 24 foot long ribbon of sausage links from the on site charcuterie?

When you go to IvyWild School check out the food marketplace to have your choice of local meats, cheeses, milk, honey, produce and even eggplant salsa.

Hunt or Gather Marketplace

Go say Hi to Erica there and have her to tell you all about the market.

While at IvyWild, stop in at The Principal’s Office and enjoy a tasty latte along with an Apricot Walnut Brioche Bun from The Old School Bakery.

The Principal's Office

My dad and I enjoyed eating our treats and checking out the amazing art from local artists.  As I sipped my coffee I noticed above my head houses made out of computer keys!

The Old School Bakery

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