Stuffin’ my face in Richmond

Virginia Capitol

StreuselAs you have probably already learned about me, I like to eat wherever I go.  I’m not talking about sustenance, I’m talking about seeking out the best donut shop or local farmer’s market or barbecue joint.  I’m not necessarily into checking out the hot new restaurant.  Just eating what others eat.  Small.  Local.


Sometimes I’m too busy eating to take pictures and forget to blog but I have blogged about Brooklyn, San Francisco, Seattle and more recently Italy.

This weekend I am in Richmond, Virginia visiting my brother, Matt, and meeting my second nephew, Ryan, for the first time.

Today we visited South of the James Market.  There was some produce and great food including country sausage, goat cheese and adorable homemade dog biscuits.  Here’s me stuffing my face with a country sausage breakfast sandwich from Dockery Branch Farm.  Addison is stuffing her face with a Chocolate Dulce de Leche Cookie…

Country Sausage, yumm!


South of the James

Richmond is a beautiful city.  Yesterday we visited downtown, seeing the White House of the Confederacy, a house owned by the City of Richmond who rented it to the Confederate government as its Executive Mansion during the Civil War.  Outside of it is a strange fish sculpture.  We also saw the Capitol Building where the oldest legislative body in the western hemisphere resides (this body was first established in 1619. It’s pictured at the top of this post.

Confederate Executive Mansion

Then we ate lunch at the Tobacco Company where I had a Virginia Crabcake Sandwich, yumm!  My sister-in-law, Bree, let me try her fried yellow tomato with a  horseradish roasted red pepper dressing – dynamite!


Addison and my older nephew, Jack, are having a great time together this weekend!

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