Goat Cheese, Duck Egg and Mushroom Sandwich


StreuselIt’s farmer’s market time in Denver.  Admittedly our farmer’s markets this time of year are scarce on produce (we had snow on May 1st) but they are big on local cheese, food trucks and groups of really nice people!


Last weekend I went to the Cherry Creek Farmer’s Market with my friend Nicole.  This farmer’s market is one of the biggest around here.  Most exciting for me – I got to try food from the Biscuit Bus!  The Classic Biscuits and Gravy Bowl!  Here I am doing what I do best – stuffing my face with food!

Biscuit Bus

I also had yummy perogis filled with pork  and topped with fresh poblano green chili from the Polished Tavern.  I met a wonderful local goat dairyman from Canon City, Mini Moos, and bought the best tasting goat cheese.  I bought mushrooms from a producer in Fort Collins, Hazel Dell Mushrooms.  I also discovered that when you spread fresh goat cheese on organic strawberries life is suddenly much better.  Also, life is much better with a great loaf of bread!

Farmer's Market Fun!


Fresh Goodies!

Duck Eggs!

My friend Jen gave me some of her neighbors duck eggs (aren’t they beautiful?) so I couldn’t resist making this yummy sandwich with all my goods!

Constructing a Farmer's Market Sandwich

Simple and Tasty…

Slices of Fresh Bread

Slather of Goat Cheese

Mushrooms sautéed in olive oil

Fried Duck Egg

Need I say more?

Gooey and Tasty!


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