Springtime in Seattle

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Hi Everybody!


It’s been awhile – partly because I’m lazy, a little bit because I’m distracted (not by anything important – debates over the pro/cons of getting a dog, getting caught up in “House of Cards” on Netflix, picking out a barbecue), and some because I’ve been soaking up the (so far, knock on wood, we’ll enjoy the warm weather while we have it) *amazing* springtime.


Our house has a lovely, lovely garden thanks to the previous owners. It’s a somewhat small space, but it’s packed with planter boxes, trees, and shrubs. I’ve spent years lamenting that I wanted to grow my own vegetables but didn’t have the space… until now. It’s time to put my money where my planter boxes are!


First up, though, let’s talk flowers.


Last fall, Brandon’s mom gave us some tulip bulbs, and we planted a bunch in the strip along our driveway and in the planter boxes. They bloomed beautifully and we were actively thrilled – it made us bizarrely happy to see the flowers when we pulled into the driveway or looked out into the yard.





Then, tulip tragedy struck – a giant unexpected hailstorm. It looked like it snowed…




… and the hail decapitated about half our tulips.




We were unreasonably sad. Our feelings could have been even described as sorrow – it was admittedly a little silly, but we had just loved them SO much! Brandon collected the little heads and put them in a bowl on our coffee table. They were so pretty, and that made it us feel a little better.





In other garden news, the apple tree came back to life


apple blossoms



and the hyacinths are blooming.





I’ve also planted lettuce!





Looking pretty good, right? More on the garden to come!




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