Sourdough Bread

Sourdough Bread

StreuselFresh.  Crusty.  Sourdough.

When I was fourteen, I lived in Monterey California.  Growing up in the Air Force we only lived there for 3 months but it was a wonderful time.

We lived close to the bay and on the weekends my family and I would go to a wonderful bakery in Pacific Grove and get fresh pastries and even better – fresh, hot, sourdough bread.  Before living there I had not had sourdough bread.  It’s been my favorite bread ever since.

I have baked a lot of different things but never ventured into sourdough until now.  First it was pancakes, now this hearty bread.  After some friends tried it they said this bread would make the perfect bread bowl for soup.  I couldn’t agree more.   I would thoroughly enjoy scooping out the inner bread and slathering it with salted butter!


It also makes a good bread for grilled cheese with apples.

Grilled Butterkase and Apples

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Sourdough Part 2

Sourdough Part 3



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