Elk Barley Pilaf


It’s elk hunting season in Colorado!  We are so fortunate here to live amongst this majestic creature.  If you’ve never heard an elk bugle while your setting up camp in the mountains, add it to your bucket list!


Observing elk in Colorado (especially Rocky Mountain National Park) is a large tourist draw, likewise is hunting elk.  Hunting here helps maintain a healthy elk population as well as generate revenue for the state.  A good friend recently went elk hunting and shared some freshly ground elk with me to enjoy eating and blogging about!



If you’ve never had elk, find some and cook it up.  It’s wonderfully lean and mild in  flavor.  Perfect meat for this barley pilaf!  Even better, I made it in my new pressure cooker so this recipe only took 15 minutes to cook!


Elk Barley Pilaf

serves 4


1/2 lb. ground elk

1 T. olive oil

1 c. pearled barley

3 c. water

1 mushroom bouillon cube

1/2 t. dehydrated onion powder

2 carrots, peeled and sliced



Heat the pressure cooker pot on high, add the oil and ground elk.  Cook the elk just until cooked through and add the remaining ingredients.  Lock on the lid*, set the pressure to high and once the pressure is up and steam is slowly coming out of the valve (this takes about 3 minutes in mine) start a timer for 12 minutes.  Cook for 12 minutes , remove from heat and let the cooker sit for 2 to 3 minutes before releasing the pressure.


I served mine with fresh cheese bread sticks made from this dough.  Enjoy!

*please follow your own pressure cooker users manual for cooking meat and barley


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