Peach and Bacon Pizza


Last summer I posted about grilling pizza and made a swiss chard cheddar pizza that was FABULOUS!  On this unofficial last weekend of summer, I thought I would bid summer farewell with two unsuspecting toppings that made grilled pizza extra FABULOUS!


Wait, how is it possible that summer is coming to a close when it was 92 degrees today?  Yes, the nights have a hint of Fall but the days feel like we’re still in late July!


I am a firm believer that bacon makes everything better!  Nothing proved that more than when I was invited to blog and judge the Bacon Takedown earlier this year.  I never thought of bacon on a pizza until my daughter (who loves bacon as much as I do) started requesting it on her delivery pizza.  I am also a big fan of Colorado peaches and they are in their prime right now here.  So as I cooked up bacon and zucchini and carmelized onions, I thought about how good thinly sliced pan seared peaches on pizza would taste.  I chopped up some fresh basil from my garden for good measure as well!



Now wait, before you say, “Peach and Bacon Pizza, that’s gross!”


How different is it from the famous Hawaiian Pizza that most everybody loves, the sweet peaches and the salty bacon taste amazing together, especially on homemade crust fresh off the grill!



Check out the grilled pizza post to learn how to make the crust and prep the grill.  Once you have these basic instructions down you can sauté any ingredients and have them grill side for topping the crust.  A generous amount of olive oil and pizza cheese is a must too!


Here’s one last photo to say farewell to summer.  I watched a swarm of bees working away on my dwarf butterfly bush yesterday.  Maybe they don’t feel like summer’s about over either!


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