Apricot Summer Salsa

Now I know we usually blog about something baked here at Strudel & Streusel but from time to time we are inspired to blog about other yummy creations like our pecan pesto or zucchini soup.


It has been HOT, HOT, HOT here in Denver and although we have gotten a slight reprieve from the heat (and thank god finally some rain) it has been difficult to turn on the oven.


I have an apricot tree in my yard that is about to explode with about a billion pounds of fruit!

Some of the fruit is semi-ripe, beautifully green and orange and I thought to myself that maybe semi-ripe apricots would be perfect for salsa!

I was right.


Granted, this salsa is a hodge podge of ingredients but apricots are the main ingredient and their flavor really adds to this salsa.  I’m sure ripe apricots would be excellent for a bit sweeter salsa but this was pretty sweet on its own.  I’ll make it again in a few weeks when my tree is ripe and let you know!


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Apricot Summer Salsa

makes about 2 1/2 cups of salsa


8 semi-ripe apricots, halved and pitted

1/4 large red pepper

1/2 large jalapeno pepper, seeds removed

1/2 c. cilantro leaves

8 yellow cherry tomatoes

1 avocado

juice from 1 lime


Combine the apricots, red pepper, jalapeno and cilantro in a food processor and process just until chopped, place in a bowl.  Quarter the tomatoes by hand and add to the bowl.  Dice the avocado and add to the bowl.  Pour the lime juice over the salsa.  Stir generously and let sit in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours before serving with tortilla chips.


It’s a refreshingly sweet and tasty salsa that is perfect for a hot day!  I had an ice-cold glass of prosecco while I ate some and it went perfectly together.

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