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Check out our new house! I totally have a crush on the house – complete with daydreams, gazing at photos, and storytelling about our new home. Namely, I tell the story about how competitive the Seattle market has gotten (in the areas we were looking in, anyway), and that if it wasn’t for our amazing realtor, Diane Terry, we never would’ve gotten the house. If you live in the area and need a real estate agent, I can’t recommend her enough!


We’ve spent the past few months frantically attending open houses and fretting over the idea of buying a home. Brandon and I have been a wee bit stressed out, and we simultaneously feel incredibly fortunate to have been able to buy such a beautiful home and anxious over the responsibility of ownership. For Brandon, the house is also symbolic of all of his hard work – as an Emergency Medicine physician, he works long hours in a hectic and stressful environment, and the house is a physical representation of all that hard work.


I wish I could say that our stress has ended, though; we fully recognize that we’re fortunate to have this amazing home, but with no time to take off of work to organize the house, we’ve been living among a tremendous number of boxes for over a week.


This was the living/dining room right after we moved in:



It wasn’t *quite* this bad all week, we unloaded, shuffled, excavated and organized enough to have some very clear paths through the house. I’m hoping that in the next 10 days we’ll have some real accomplishments – like internet!


I have to send a big, fat, loving, and appreciative thank you to Brandon’s family – primarily his sister Brianna and dad Mark, who schlepped, carried, and calmed our belongings and our nerves for two very long days. Ruth (Brandon’s mom) arrived just as all of our spirits flagged, bringing a delicious quiche, an energized attitude, and her cleaning skills. You all appreciated more than you could know!


I hope to be back and blogging again soon!


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