Helloooooooo Kitty!

Eight year ago today, I heard the words, “It’s a girl!” and never could I have imagined how those words would change my life.


Lots of things have happened in these last eight years… crazy, disappointing, sad, happy, frustrating, exhilarating things but through it all I have a beautifully sweet little girl by my side who as I mowed the lawn last week, wrote in big pink chalk letters on the driveway, “I love you Mommy!”


For her birthday party, Addison wanted a hello kitty cake.  How could I not spend three hours making this for my girl?


It’s a three layer, nine inch cake in which I used the High Altitude White Cake recipe.


I made the classic buttercream recipe starting with 1 lb. of butter and increasing the rest of the ingredients proportionally.   I tinted the frosting with neon pink gel food coloring.


I covered the cake with pink fondant. I used Fondarific Buttercream Fondant as seen in this post.   It tore as a I put it on the cake so I covered my mistakes with some fondant flowers.



I had black, pink and white fondant but when I needed yellow for the nose and a darker pink for the bow I just tinted the white with a bit of yellow gel food coloring (be careful, too much food coloring makes the fondant too soft to work with) and the pink with a bit of red.


This being my first fully covered fondant cake I thought it came out looking pretty good!




When my daughter saw it and said it was beautiful, I figured I had succeeded.


Look at the cake after 4 little girls dug into it…



In addition to her hello kitty cake, she really wanted an Easy Bake oven.  Do you know how it pains me that she wants that crappy little oven when she can bake with me in a real oven?  I suppose it’s like a right of passage for a little girl so against my better judgement I bought her one.  She was super thrilled to make the cinnamon pretzel twists.



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