Thanksgiving in San Diego




Early this morning, I left lovely southern California and flew home to a very rainy Seattle. I had SUCH a great vacation with my family (Brandon had to stay home to work, so I traveled solo). We went hiking, played laser tag, cooked, chatted, even squeezed in a little shopping. I was also able to find some time for a couple of yoga classes at my favorite studio. But best of all, I was able a lot of time with my super adorable nieces and nephews.


But about the food… My dad is my absolute favorite cook, and dinner was fantastic, down to the placecards. This one was mine, made by my niece Maddie. Cute, right?




Dad usually starts prepping a few days in advance, and based off of how delicious the food is, it’s easy to tell the amount of work that goes in to dinner. For this year’s meal, he made curried carrot soup, this bread, roasted white and sweet potatoes, turkey, stuffing, asparagus, two kinds of cranberry sauce (this one’s my favorite), pumpkin pie, and cheesecake. Here’s some photos of the highlights:





Most importantly, here’s the gorgeous people I spent my holiday with. I wonder if people can tell who belongs to who!






I’ll have just one requirement for next year, and my older brother Brian knows exactly what it is. It involves an air mattress, a comfy bed, and siblings… one who spent the last week sleeping sweetly, and the other who is sleep deprived after 5 nights on a plastic air mat, on the floor.






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