Weekend in Anacortes


On Monday, Brandon’s grandma turns 99. Of course, we wanted to be there to help celebrate her birthday, and decided it was a great excuse to get out of town for a long weekend. Anacortes is about an hour and a half from Seattle, and I love┬ácoming here. Weekends at his parent’s house are spent eating, drinking (mornings start with extra strong coffee, and the evenings feature various red wines), chatting, and harassing the dog (who loves to be harassed). Of course, there’s plenty of cooking, baking, and time in kitchen.



I had the most perfect avocado for breakfast. I don’t usually photograph my avocados, but I couldn’t resist this time.




I made grilled cheese for us all for lunch. It was pretty much the same as my breakfast, just with cheese and more butter. Delicious!




Mark (Brandon’s dad) and I had a ping-pong off. I’ve always been afraid of the ball (junior high P.E. was terrifying for me), but had a lot of fun during our game. Actually, it was comforting to know that I’m not terrified of a tiny, hollow, lightweight ping pong ball (if this had been golf or tennis, it would’ve been a different story, for sure!)




This is one way to harass the dog. Just sitting a ball out will distract her for a good long while (she stayed frozen in this position until the ball was finally put out of sight)




While we ping-ponged, Ruth (Brandon’s mom) hung up some leaves that she’d found and pressed.




Here’s Mark, enjoying their back porch. Not bad, right?




And most importantly, here’s the photo of the birthday cake. Ruth made it, a pumpkin cake made from fresh pumpkin. It was delicious!




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