Facts about the FoodBuzz Blogger Festival

Fact: Strudel can eat way more than Streusel

(most repeated quote from the weekend, “They’re small portions Streus! Small portions!”)




Fact: Schwag makes Streusel feel special

(not pictured: super awesome egg beaters from Oxo, and equally exciting cookbook, “Artisan Pizza and Flatbread in Five Minutes a Day.” Also not pictured: gleeful face of Streusel collecting said schwag)




Fact: The creator of the award winning hors d’oeuvre, Jalapeno Hummus Mini-Pizzas, Elizabeth Brunetti from The Bare Midriff, is one cool chick who makes a spicy delicious mini-pizza!




Fact: It turns out that Strudel and Streusel can hold their alcohol (by “alcohol” we mean an ecclectic mix of whiskey, beer, wine, vodka, and gin). It also turns out that if you start drinking at 1pm and ended at 10pm, and keep it coming in steadily, you can have a lovely day! BTW, most of the damage happened at the Tasting Pavillion, and we’d like to remind everyone that they were small portions.




Fact: We spent some time with the cheese. Here’s Streus with the Sargento girls



Thanks to FoodBuzz for such a fantastic weekend!

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