Gettin’ Baked in Brooklyn…

No, not that kind of baked!

A better kind of baked.

My kind of baked.

All hopped up on sugar and chocolate and salted caramel!  Woohoo!

Strudel and I have blogged about recipes from Baked Explorationsagain and again and again.  One of my favorite bloggers has blogged about Baked as well,  check it out

Alas, last week I finally got the chance to go visit Baked in person.

My brother, Matt, lives in Somerset, New Jersey, and my daughter, Addison, and I were spending our last official week of summer with Matt, his wife Bree and my 5 month old nephew, Jack. 

So Matt, Jack, Addison and I ventured over the Verrazano Bridge to Brooklyn and stuffed our faces with some wonderful delights!

It’s off the beaten path in a Brooklyn neighborhood called Red Hook.

It’s a quaint, very inviting, very home-y feeling bakery with brown and orange decor and antlers here and there (even as a door handle).  Being from Colorado, the antlers were a strange and unexpected motif for me.  They are overused in fancy homes and restaurants in the Rocky Mountains but here in the middle of a gray day in the big city?  I felt strangely at home.

We dove right into the bakery case and bought a giant chocolate chip cookie, a pecan bourbon bar, a grasshopper bar (stay tuned for a post about this scrumptious treat) and a salted caramel bar. 

Matt had a cappuccino, I had a latte.

Here’s Addison gettin’ baked…

Matt gettin’ baked…

Jack (and George) already baked…

My favorite…

The salted caramel bar. Deeeelightful!

Next time you’re in the Brooklyn area, go check it out, you won’t be disappointed.

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