Strawberries = Summer

As the end of Summer rapidly approaches, I couldn’t let it completely pass by without sharing with you one of my favorite summertime places!

Berry Patch Farms in Brighton, Colorado

This is one of the best u-pick-it farms around.  The farmers are so friendly and their produce is certified organic AND…

They have a pig named pancetta.

What could be better?

Oh, yeah, the most amazingly sweet, red strawberries you’ve ever laid eyes on!

My friend, Carrie, first got me hooked on this place a few years ago.

It’s a great place to take the kids.

Here’s my daughter, Addison pickin’ with Carrie…

This summer, I watched a little girl (maybe 3 years old) consume so many strawberries on the ride back from the fields to the barn that while waiting to get our strawberries weighed, Carrie leans in close to me and says, “That girl is gonna poop strawberries for days!”

Aaah, but they are so good – I could see why the little one couldn’t stop stuffin’ them in her face.

Soon I will go out to Berry Patch Farms again and pick raspberries and buy candy onions and green chiles from the barn to get ready for Fall.

It’s been fun Summer – I look forward to seeing you again next year!

But before you go Summer- I’m headed to New Jersey to visit my new nephew, Jack, and Baked in Brooklyn.   Stay tuned…



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