My First Gig!

I have had one (and probably the only) drum gig in my amateur drum career.

I played just two songs and I sure did feel like I was going to throw up before going on stage.

Well, this weekend I had my first baking gig.

I made 70 cupcakes for my good friends’, Nicole and Sam, wedding reception.

I did not feel like I would throw up at this gig, however…

I also volunteered to pick up and transport her wedding cake (not made by me) and that made me REAL nervous!

I made three types of cupcakes;

Chocolate Stout with Bourbon Buttercream

Lemonade with Limoncello Frosting and

Berry Cooler (Strawberry cake with Coconut frosting)

I received many wonderful compliments and enjoyed the noises coming from people’s mouths as they ate them.

My boyfriend, Steve, enjoyed his cupcake a little too much…

Who invited that guy?

Well, I may never have another drum gig but hopefully I’ll have more baking gigs!

Congratulations to Nicole and Sam!

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