Candied Chocolate Mint Leaves

It’s too HOT to bake!

So I put my abundantly growing chocolate mint to good use.

Remember that Panna Cotta that Strudel made back in February?


I made it for some friends and decided to pretty-it-up with candied mint leaves.


I didn’t add any additional mint extract – my chocolate mint has alot of POW!


It made for a cool and creamy (oven-free) dessert.


I also added a raspberry jelly to this panna cotta.  Sensational!


Candied Chocolate Mint Leaves

mint leaves, washed and dried

an egg white, slightly beaten

granulated sugar

Dip your fingers in the egg white and lightly coat each leaf with the egg white.


Immediately dip the leaf in a bowl of sugar, lightly coating both sides.


Let sit on a cooling rack or something that will allow air to circulate.


I used my pizza pan.

The leaves will be crispy on the outside in about 3 to 4 hours.


Serve on top of your favorite dessert!

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